Running Fiend

After my scare last Thursday I decided to regress to my old running style (mild heel strike) for a bit in order to ease up on ye olde calf tendon. It worked. I ran 15 miles with my cousin Earl on Saturday and it was a smashing success. We went slow and averaged 10.5 minute miles and when we were finished I was DONE. However, I recovered fairly quickly and felt good by that evening. I took off the next two days and then ran 6 miles yesterday and felt good. Then last night I had a really close call. I was skateboarding and I crashed and went down HARD. I broke my fall with my left arm and I came very close to breaking it. I have a slight sprain my my left wrist, so no guitar for a bit, which is very very sad. However, I can still run. I can RUN!! I really really do not want to get hurt. I want to run and play guitar forever and ever.

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