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Well it is mid February 2016 which means that in less than 3 months I will be back in the recording studio to lay down the tracks for my next album and I am SO EXCITED!  i will be returning to Tiny Telephone studios to record with John Vanderslice.  However, this time we will be recording in their brand new Oakland studio.  I was so utterly pleased with the results of the last album that I could not resist working with John again.  I have been writing a bit and I will have a fair amount of new songs but I may have to dip into the vault of older tunes to round out the album.  I am hoping to record 14 again and then choose the best 11 or 12 for the album.  I am even considering going with vinyl this time, since I want to make at least one vinyl album before they put me 6 feet under and you never know when that is going to happen.

I had a great show at the Fremont Theater on January 24, 2016 opening up for Paul Thorn.  The Fremont is our little gem of an art deco theater here in SLO, CA.  I had such a nice time playing there.  The sound was exquisite and the audience was attentive.  That is about all I can ask for.  I played mostly new songs that will appear on the upcoming album.  Oakland, here we come!

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