New CD is out TODAY!

So my new CD, Avuncular, is officially released today.  Wow, what a process.  It all began about 18 months ago when I booked studio time.  Then I worked on which songs to record as the recording date drew near.  Then, when the recording date arrived (May 12, 2016) I kind of had to choose right there and then as to what I would record, since I had not settled 100% on what songs I wanted to put down on tape.  There were actually a couple songs I had planned on recording in the studio, but they did not feel right, so I went with a couple others on the fly at the last minute.

So over 6 glorious days in May the recording thing happened.  But preceding that was all the time spent coming up with new material.  Oh yeah, that.  The writing process.  I almost forgot.  And THEN the recording.  And it is tough to describe the rush that comes with analog recording.  I show up at the studio as a solo artist and no one knows the songs but me.  And within an hour of arrival I am playing a song to a drummer who has never heard it.  And ten minutes after that we are cutting the song to live 2 inch tape, which basically means that we play the song all the way through, and if there is a fuck-up in there, then so be it.  Or else you start over.  But you only get ONE chance to start over.  After that you get what you get, fuck-ups and all.

And what do you get?  Well, the intensity that is created by the need to nail it is quite a rush. And you always wish you could go back and change a few things, but there are so many things that do not need changing because the MOMENT was captured, and a captured moment can be perfect.  It can also sound like shit, and oftentimes it does.  But in digital recording there is always an out.  You can cut out the guitar flub or the poor vocal inflection and paste in a better one.  In analog recording it is all linear, you have to nail the song all the way through, and it all stays in there for better or worse, and sometimes worse is better.  Whatever that means.

Also, with digital recording there is a lot of time spent in front of a computer screen.  You can tweak a song much as you tweak a word document.  Cutting, pasting, etc.  With analog recording there is no computer screen to look at.  NO COMPUTER SCREEN!  The ears are king!

But in the end it doesn’t really matter whether you go analog or digital.  Getting it down is what matters.  Recording the songs and getting them mastered and completing the artwork and shipping everything off to the CD production factory.  And then one day you wake up and you have a beautiful new CD, and the music is out in the world for all to hear.  That day is today.  I can only hope that there are a few more todays in my future.  I’d be happy with just one.  But for now I will relish a bit longer in today’s today.


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