My new album is HERE

Yes that’s right folks my new album is here.  And when I mean here, I mean that there are 1,000 copies of my brand spanking new album sitting on my bedroom floor in 5 boxes.

Now I am trying to figure out what the hell to do next.  Set a release date?  Yeah, I suppose I should do that.  How about September 1?  OK done.

What else to do?  Revamp the website.  OK I will work on that.  Post the songs to Bandcamp?  OK.  Send the disc to various reviewers?  OK.  Have a CD release show?  Maybe.  Get everything set up for iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, etc. etc.  OK.  Damn it sure would be nice to have a publicist.

The name of the new album is Avuncular.  I really like it.

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