Live Oak fest, etc.

Wow, what an amazing 6 months it has been.  In January I got the invite to play the Lie Oak Music Festival from the fine folks at KCBX, which was a huge honor, as I have been attending that festival for over a decade.  The performance date was Father’s Day, June 21st, so I had 6 months to get myself into fighting shape.  I played out  a lot and I also enlisted the services of one Bob Liepman, cellist extraordinaire.  He played a few songs with me.  Evidence to come.  And on the eve of the performance I asked my friend Alyson if she would be so kind as to be my go-go dancer and she willingly obliged.  I had a great 8 song set that i may or may not elaborate on in another post.  Meanwhile, here is a snippet of the action.

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